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Greek Girls: Zeta
August 19, 2008, 5:02 am
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Known for: newest girls on the block, “alternative experience,” zexy/zugly

Celeb most likely to rush: Brooke Hogan. Why? Check out RR’s Celebrity Rush.

Pros: Zeta is the newest sorority on campus, having just refounded in 2007. Their first “true” rush class (i.e. recruited during Rush Week) was this past year’s 2008 PC. In their first year on campus, they have made huge leaps and strides and don’t look to be a repeat of the disaster that was ADPi. Already, Zeta has made it out of the bottom tier, and is solidly in middle ground. They have a lot of girls who got cut from houses their first year or didn’t rush, but are good enough not to be in the bottom. Also, the weakest girls from their first year on campus have just graduated, leaving more normal people to take over the house. In terms of philanthropy, they are extremely dedicated to their Breast Cancer awareness, and make one of the most sincere efforts of any house on campus in community service. Also, since Zeta is new on campus, they don’t yet have a stereotype, so they can easily recruit the “I don’t know about going Greek” girls.

Cons: Being new also has big downsides. Zeta has no history to go off of- so figuring out rush, homecoming, and other traditional events is new for them and may not go off as well as houses who have it down to a routine. Also, in their first year, Zeta avoided being cast off into social purgatory, but it still hasn’t established itself as a dominant house on campus. Their attempt to coin the phrase “Zexy” to refer to themselves backfired, with people on campus referring to some of their members as “Zugly,” which was a bit of an embarrassment as well. In terms of building relationships with guys, they seem to have taken 2 steps forward and 1 step back each time…and haven’t yet found their footing in the Greek world. Also, being so new, all it takes is one bad year of Rush and they can be cast down into the lower tier easily. Without a strong first impression, they’re at risk of making a bad second one.

Zeta is the perfect house for girls who don’t know if they are totally into the Greek thing. While they escape the negatives of being in the bottom tier, they also don’t have the pressure of being under social scrutiny constantly (which comes with the top tier). While some Zetas are funloving, others are serious tools. Hopefully, as they get more established, they’ll figure out rush better and weed out the bad seeds. They’re on the right path, but it seems like they have a long way to go.



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You’re def right about them losing the…I’m trying to think of a nice term here…seniors this year. Their nationals came in and tried to recruit a very diverse founding class so they’re kind of all over the place. Some are really cute and seem fun, others seem like they have no idea what they’re doing in a sorority/social situation. I’d say they’re probably on the rise, but I wouldn’t put them “solidly” in the middle tier. They’re nowhere near pi phi/gamma phi level but could be some day. They also got stuck with the ADPi house which isn’t as physically nice as the others.

Comment by Anonymous

this seems pretty accurate. i don’t know why there’s so much hating against zeta–what’s wrong with sweet, fun-loving girls? because that’s what their new pledge class is…and once all the “random” girls have graduated, zeta will have an easier time establishing a name for themselves.

Comment by Anonymous

I wouldn’t put them middle tier… Zeta is full of girls who got cut from rush not once, but twice (i.e. both as a freshman AND as a sophomore). How does that qualify as middle tier??

Comment by Anonymous

actually their house is absolutely gorgeous. i was really impressed during rush. apparently they spent like 5 million renovating it and it looks really good. i heard they don’t have a kitchen though?

Comment by Anonymous

anon at 7 AM, girls don’t get cut from rush entirely. it doesn’t work like that. some either don’t pledge, or drop out during rush altogether cause they didn’t like it/ got cut from their favorite house. last year, every single girl got a bid, so getting “cut” your freshmen and sophmore year is highly unlikely.

besides, it’s hard to judge zeta now since nationals had no choice but to recruit those who dropped out, and if they continue on with a pledge class that’s as decent as this year’s, i think they’ll be well on their way to being a great house.

Comment by Anonymous

question — who said zeta did well during rush? i was an rc and they were constantly placed last or second to last with all girls in my group, and most groups generally —

i also know they kept getting the most girls back to their house every night of rush, which means the least amount of girls wanted to go back (yea, the system is funny like that, the houses that get the most girls back are actually doing the worst; houses with the least are doing the best — it’s to ensure that all houses make quota, even the houses that aren’t getting requested much).

they DID do a great job though, from what i saw, with rush itself, and clearly their nationals could care less about “no-frills” since they went all out. i think give them a few years, and they’ll no longer be on the bottom of the rush/recruitment pile.

Comment by Anonymous

rc…clearly you weren’t paying attention. zeta did very well during rush.

Comment by Anonymous

i agree with this post, its a fair assessment. while zeta’s not on par with gamma phi or pi phi just yet, theyre definitely not bottom tier. which is good for a new house on campus.

Comment by Anonymous

don’t count zeta out yet–with a little time they can become a solid house. not having a long history with frats/traditions prob makes it a little harder, but trying new things is fun, no?

Comment by Anonymous

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