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Going Greek V: The Vocab
August 19, 2008, 2:08 am
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The Greek world is dominated by acronyms, strange terms, and vocabulary that’s used in atypical ways. Here’s a brief guide to some of the most thrown around words and phrases…

Bid: An offer to join a fraternity or sorority

“Dropping a bid”: the act of accepting a bid to a Greek house (no physical dropping involved)

“Rush Chair”: the individual in charge of coordinating the efforts known as rush…plans events, keeps tabs on potential new members (PNMs)

“Rush”: formally known as recruitment; the process through which potential members are filtered by a greek house into their final resting place

Quota: the number of members necessary to meet a pledge class’ requirement…established by PanHel

“Phil Round”: Philanthropy round; the first round of female Rush; takes place in November; sororities perform informal skits for girls; PanHel pretends this round of rush “doesn’t matter”

“‘Nuff Said”: Back of TNT rush shirts from several years back, still thrown around campus

“Baby Cards”: small cards used to remember the names of girls wanted by TNT; “Shay drives down Green Bay”

Hotboxing: the act of placing multiple older girls on a freshman during rush; indicates when a girl is wanted by a sorority

Negging: the act of rejecting a PNM from a greek house; frats do this during Rush Week by telling the freshman to look at other frats that may “better suit his interests”

“Red Hot”: term used by KKG to indicate a freshman is one of their 100 most wanted girls

“Star Gazer”: term used by DDD to indicate girls they are interested in

Pledge Mom/Dad: older member of a fraternity/sorority who mentors a freshman; gives gifts during Pledge Mom week

Skit: performances put on by sororities during rush to show off houses’ talents; PanHel limits these to give the bad houses fair ground

Rho Chi: recruitment counselor who leads freshman girls around during Rush Week

“getting cut”: not being asked back from a sorority

12…8…5…3…1: order in which sororities are narrowed down; changes yearly depending on PanHel regulations

Gifts: anything taken from inside a sorority; can be as tiny as a napkin or mint

“dirty rush”: the act of talking to or influencing freshman girls to like a sorority before Rush formally begins

Freshman Freeze: the first 4 weeks of Fall Quarter, in which freshmen can not step foot into fraternities

Date Party: event hosted at a bar in which each member of a frat/sorority can invite a date; normally very drunken affairs; mode of transport: buses or limos

Master these terms early and you’ll be a step ahead of your competition…I mean…your peers.



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its actually 12 9 6 3 1 now that zeta has come to campus

Comment by Anonymous

also phil round doesnt exist anymore, its called recruitment preview and round 2 of rush is now like philanthropy themed. gotta love panhel bullshittttt

Comment by Anonymous

Hot boxing doesn’t mean a sorority wants you… Panhel doesn’t allow it so most houses stay far away from doing it

Comment by Anonymous

each house has its own term that you describe as “negging”

often, the name stems from a memorable rejection from the past

Comment by Anonymous

crush party: you send in your crush(es) to your sorority’s social chair and they send out invitations or an evite to whoever u crushed saying they are invited to your event…but they won’t know who invited them…always a good time…

Comment by Anonymous

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