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From the Wires: Credible or Crap?
August 19, 2008, 4:20 pm
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An upperclasman gives freshmen this advice:

“You’ll figure out the party scene right away- like when you hear “ridge and noyes” you’ll instantly think of a frat’s off campus house. once you figure out which frat is where and who’s known for what, you’l be able to avoid the losers and focus on the cool frats. it’s ok to go to any party you hear about in the beginning, but after october, you’ll be only goign back to maybe 5 or 6 frats and won’t ever hear about the others.”

Credible or crap?



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about half right.

you probably will be out of the social loop except for a minority of houses shortly after nsw.

but, ridge and noyes is a pretty general area with lots of frat and non-frat apartments/houses. the same is true for the rest of off campus evanston. in fact, some intersections are homes to several different frats’ main party houses.

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